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AIBN - Alpaca International Broadcasting Network

Welcome to "AIBN" the Alpaca International Broadcasting Network.

     We have designed this multipurpose site for the purpose of bringing to the International Alpaca and Llama community Educational Webinars from experts in the world of Camilids, Live Chat Rooms and Private Meeting Rooms for groups or even one on one consultations. 
Coming Soon.  Currently under construction.
Welcome to A.I.B.N.  your place to hold Meetings, Webinars, Private Consultations, Live Chats, and Video Presentations. ** ** ** Why drive.  Plan your next Affiliate Meeting here online. ** ** ** For Information on what we can offer you through our site please contact Jan at jan@aibn.org. ** ** **

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Advertise Your Webinar

Advertise your Webinar or Presentation here.

Reach your intended audience with Gobal exposure through the

Alpaca International Broadcasting Network.

Contact Jan  jan@aibn.org

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Magazine CoverVisit Alpacas Afield Online Magazine

where you will find articles from leading experts in Alpacas from around the world. 

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AIBN The Place To Be

A.I.B.N.  The place to be. 

Presenting Webinars, Consultations.

Plan your next Affiliate or Club Meeting online.

Schedule your Video Presentations.

Enjoy Live Chat Rooms.

For pricing and scheduling contact Jan jan@aibn.org